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Tweet your overtime scorers to @otchallenge, or pick them through our web interface.

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Playoff Overtime.
Nothing quite like it.

The best time of the season is here. Get in the game - pick your winners and put your prediction skills to the test.

Easy to play. Slightly harder to win.

Feeling lucky? All you need to do is pick who you think will get the game-winning goal for each overtime game. All picks must be made before the start of overtime, so think fast!

Winner take all.
No mercy.

Just like the playoffs - win or go home. At the conclusion of the game, the winners will take home some cold hard cash.

Grand prize winner (total after all rounds): $1000

Finals round winner: $300
Conference finals round winner: $250
2nd round winner: $150
1st round winner: $100

Second prize is a set of steak knives.

If you're that good, you can end up winning multiple prizes. The round winners refer to points earned during that particular round - not cumulative. The grand prize winner is the cumulative total of all rounds.

you're fired